Frequently Asked Questions

No, you don’t need to go to church, you just need to have a desire to know the Lord better, and make a commitment to do your best to pray for your partner every day.

A group of people working to do what God has called them to do. In this case, a group of people building a phone app and hosting an annual day of prayer, both for students.

No, though there are MANY churches that partner with PEW35 to help students continue growing in their relationship with Jesus.

WOW - this is a GREAT question. Unfortonatly we don’t have enough server space to answer this one completely; however, there are two places that will give you a good starting point to understanding what we believe. First, and most importantly, the Bible. If you don’t have one, contact us and we’ll put you in touch with a local church/minstry that can provide you one. You can also click here to read our doctrinal statement - these are the beliefs that we feel are most important and central to what we are doing.

YES, that’s the point of the app, improving our prayer life and encouraging others who are doing the same. MANY Christians admit that they don’t feel they know how to pray. PEW35 believes that this is really a lack of confidence and that we can gain confidence through practice, so……………...sign up and start practicing!

Another GREAT question. Prayer is simply interacting with God. Like all skills, we learn best by doing and we won’t ever be perfect at it, so go ahead and just start talking to Him and listening to Him, and don’t worry about the format - He’s a smart guy and will know what you’re saying :)

The E in PEW35 is for Encouragement, and it’s our hope that prayer partners will enocurage each othe rthrough the good and bad times. There are also times when you will want and need someone who is physically present with you. PEW35 has MANY partner churches/ministries willing to provide you support in your time of need. Two of our favorite on line resources are: and

Unbelief and lack of belief are very common, and if you’re experiencing one of these - you’re normal. Pray. Ask that God will reveal himself to you. Ask your prayer partner to pray this prayer on your behalf as well. And read - if you don’t have a bible get one. If you need help getting one contact us and we’ll put you in touch with a partner ministry that will get you one. When you read the bible HIS truth and love will overcome your lack of belief.

Yes. One of the cool stories in the bible is about this guy who was an army general (the romans called them centurians and one of their tasks was to keep Jesus and his followers under control). This general ...... well just click here to read it!

For sure NOT. The app is only a tool to help. I think of it like this. If I’m on the way home from work and think to myself - “Maybe I should go to the gym” I can quickly shift my thoughts to hanging out at home being lazy, BUT, when my buddy Jerry calls and say “Hey, wanna meet me at the gym?” I’m a lot more likely to go. The phone app is a way for you and your partner to encourage each other in developing your prayer life, but NOT necessary - just start praying!